It's all about PURSonality!

Hi. My name is Sylvie Drozdowski, and I am the Designer/Owner of Andar Handbags. I am from Ottawa, Ontario and have lived in or around the Eastern Ontario region my whole life. I am married, have to grown daughters, one stepson in University, and an amazing grandson.
I started this gig later in life (much later). I was a credit counsellor for the better part of my young adult life (well till I was 42 at least). I was with one agency for 18 years when I uprooted and moved to Ottawa. Took a little mini retirement and then when back to school. Fashion Design I decided. I know "What?" How to do you from finance to fashion. But that's what tickled my fancy, so that's what I did.
Confession, I hate making clothes. Even now. But what was to love was patterning, designing, sketching, and sewing. So pretty much all of it other than clothes. After graduating with my degree in 2016, I made THE HANDBAG just out of curiosity. Wasn't anything special, but it was exciting. It took everything I loved about designing. The lines, the angles, the math, the design and put it all into Handbags.
I started on a domestic machine, and made some amazing bags with it. My Quantum Singer. I still use it for little things like speciality orders of aprons and masks, and the odd piece of clothing I may alter or require to make, but I moved on to the land of Industrial Machines, and that has been a game changer. If the quality was amazing before, it's even more so now.
If you meet me along the way, you know the bag I carry is always one of mine. I stand by my product. They are sturdy. I fully line my bags with waterproof lining. We all know our bags, accidents can happen! I use a lot of amazing quality hardware in silver, gold, gunmetal, rose gold, and slowly moving into rainbow. I try to find vibrant colors and zippers to match.
I welcome custom orders. My styles listed in the store remain the same, however the fabric portion of the model can be customized along with interior/exterior pockets if possible. Crossbody, handles are also adjustable.
I often post on our Facebook page when new fabrics have arrived, and when new bags have been added to the store, so make sure to Follow, Like and Share the page. Alway remember that all bags are ONE OF A KIND. There is no two alike. It's the WOW factor of this accessory. Handbags are a very personal and often speak as to who you are.
My intention is to continue with the Blog in order to bring tips, tricks, and tutorials. Hopefully this is something you will find interesting. If there is something you would like me to cover about handbags, then please let me know, I like suggestions. I know it's a passion of mine, hopefully it will ignite a passion in yourself.

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